Dr Diane Preddy psychologist and relationship specialist



I have been in private practice as a counselling psychologist since 1987. I work with families, couples and individuals from adolescence upwards on problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, communication, values, identity and meaning.

I am an experienced trauma counselor and utilize successful relaxation, visualization and self-help techniques to reduce negative thoughts, feelings and experiences.


 Please call or message me on 0837032588 (office 011-8038301/2) to discuss your problem and/or book an appointment.

 As few as 1 or 2 sessions can facilitate and enhance your mental and emotional health and well-being!

Zen Therapy;

is the combination of Eastern and Western Psychology designed to help people to gain happiness and contentment in relating both to themselves and others.

it includes meditation and Mindfulness training as well as a tolerant and non-judgmental attitude..

Dialectical behavior therapy

this is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that includes  unconditional acceptance, understanding and  awareness as well as practical  thought and behavior improvement methods.